Dorian Thivolle

Master's student in Computer Science and Mobility
Fullstack Software Developer

  • Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine, Alsace, France

Software Developer • Permanent

Cap Vision Sept 2024 - Now Rouffach (France)

Software Developer • Internship

Cap Vision Feb - Jul 2024 Rouffach (France)

  • Interventions on Business Central applications (Microsoft ERP) customized by client, OnPremise and Cloud, for the creation of pages and APIs, in AL and Javascript.
  • Creation, maintenance and improvement of various websites, web tools and mobile applications in C# ASP.NET Core / Framework / MAUI, NodeJS / Typescript, with Realm Database and Azure.

Software Developer • Internship

Up Kalidea Apr - Jul 2023 Crest & Maxéville (France)

  • Made several architectural changes to the NodeJS/Angular/Ionic application with for objectives to enhance performances, improve readability and ease of maintenance.
  • Transitioned from a RESTful API to GraphQL.
  • Created a detailed documentation for the developers who will continue this project.
  • Performed setup adjustments and version updates for the Android platform to ensure the application remains compatible with the latest software versions and the newest devices on the market.

Software Engineer • Internship

Up Kalidea Feb - Jul 2022 Crest & Maxéville (France)

  • Conducted a needs analysis and drafted functional and technical specifications for the development of a new mobile, desktop and web application.
  • Developped and created detailed documentation, using NodeJS with Angular and Ionic.
  • Met the deadline with all requested features for the first release.

Computer Science Tutor • Temporary

University Grenoble Alpes Oct 2020 - Dec 2021 Saint-Martin-d'Hères (France)

  • Responsible of 5 groups of 15 first-year Computer Science and Applied Mathematics students.
  • Supported them by approaching programming in the most complete way possible.
  • Fostered their algorithmic thinking by assigning exercises and providing thorough explanations.
  • Objective to improve their understanding, skills and success.
main skills Javascript ES6TypescriptNodeJSC++
programming languages PHP7HTML5CSS3SCSSCPythonJavaC#Bash
frameworks ElectronExpressSocket.ioThreeJSIonicAngularReactVueNestNextAsp.NET CoreMAUIOpenGLVulkanSFMLSDL2/3GLFWGlutGLMOpenCV
databases MySQLOracleMongoDBPostgreSQLSQLiteFirebaseRealm
notions Machine LearningDeep LearningDockerKubernetesTestsCybersecurityImage processingSoftware engineeringMassively parallel computing
API RESTfulGraphQLWebSocketWebhook
development and project management ScrumDevOpsSDLCOOPAsynchronous development
soft skills Problem solvingProgrammingCreativityCuriosityAbility to adaptAutonomous workDance (Hip-Hop, Jazz)Video games, alone and in teamHikes

Studying towards a Master Degree in Computer Science and Mobility

University of Haute-Alsace 2022 - 2024 Mulhouse (France)

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University Grenoble Alpes 2018 - 2022 Saint-Martin-d'Hères (France)

High School Diploma - Majoring in Biology

High school La Saulaie 2015 - 2018 Saint-Marcellin (France)

  • Improved an unknown Discord bot in 2 weeks :
    • Execution speed up by 80%
    • Structure changed to modular for better scaling.
    • Now used by 400k+ Discord servers and 30M+ users.